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Perintah ‘apt’ dan ‘dpkg’ di Ubuntu May 20, 2010

Posted by haniki in ilmu.
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Install aplikasi
# apt-get install nama-aplikasi

Update daftar paket yang terdapat di sources.list
# apt-get update

Update aplikasi
# apt-get upgrade

Merubah daftar mirror apt
# apt-setup

Mencari paket aplikasi
# apt-cache search package

Uninstall aplikasi
# apt-get remove software

Menampilkan list paket yang diinstall
# dpkg -l

Status paket yang di install
# dpkg -l pkg

Menampilkan susunan paket
# dpkg -S pattern

Menampilkan list paket
# dpkg -L pkg

Status paket
# dpkg -s pkg

Menampilkan secara detail package
# dpkg -p pkg

Mencari list yang relevan package
# apt-cache search string

Install paket .deb
# dpkg -i file.deb

Purge package (and config?)
# dpkg -P pkg

Re-run konfigurasi package
# dpkg-reconfigure pkg

Download source package
# apt-get source pkg

Config build-deps for source and install as needed
# apt-get build-dep

Install package from specific release
# apt-get -t release install pkg

Menghapus eksekusi daemon saat bootup
# update-rc.d -f name remove

Upgrade the distribution
# apt-get dist-upgrade




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